Wish List: The Bugatti Uma Weighing Scale

Uma Weighing Scales and Timer by Bugatti

We love Bugatti’s fantastic range of next generation kitchenware, from the Vera kettle that can be programmed to self boil to the Volo toaster with a one touch warming button. This weekend we are hoping to get some serious baking done as Amara cake day is becoming a weekly occurrence (every week one of the team has to home bake a cake and bring it in- a team building exercise of course!) and everyone is eyeing up the simply brilliant Uma weighing scales.

Bugatti have combined the two functions of weighing and timing in one product. This electronic weighing scale allows you to choose between the g/kg and lb/oz weighing system and has a maximum capacity of 3kg. The weight resetting system enables several ingredients to be placed into the same bowl and then other ingredients to be added, all of which are weighed. So there is no more fussing about empty the ingredients in and then out of the weighing scales. The stylish dish washer safe bowl is removable for easy weighing, empting and cleaning, so it can also be used as a mixing bowl. This Bugatti Uma weighing scale is also provided with a timer for up to 90 minutes and 59 seconds. So after or during weighing the ingredients with Uma you can use the handy timer to set cooking time- no more burnt baking! This super stylish piece of Bugatti kitchenware is available in chrome, red, white and black. It comes beautifully packaged in a sleek black box and makes a wonderful luxury gift idea for any cooking enthusiast.

Bugatti take a basic, everyday item, evaluate and modify it so they can present you with a brand new concept, helping to make the experience of buying kitchenware and luxury gifts a new world for you to discover. Check out a wide range of Bugatti products at Amara today.

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