Brighten Your Home with New Pantone Accessories

Whatever your interior style you can always add more colour and what better way than with the vibrant world of Pantone home accessories. Not for fans of beige, Pantone accessories feature bold block colours and are designed in a modern & fresh style.



Brighten up your tea breaks with this bone china clay teapot, available in either Printers Blue or Ketchup Red.


Coordinate your teapot with a brilliantly vibrant sugar pot, perfect for instantly brightening up the kitchen or dining table.

 Choose from Pantone Violet or Cornish Cream for your milk jug, perfect for milk or a posy of flowers for the dining table or windowsill.


Add instant colour to any table setting with the bright & bold set of six Pantone placemats in assorted colours. Perfect for mixing and matching these placemats will complement every meal time from breakfast to dinner.

Pantone style is timeless, with their colour palette covering every shade imaginable. Coordinate your dinnerware and office accessories, from chairs to cufflinks, Pantone have created a host of home accessories for you to enjoy.

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