Brand New Home Fragrances

We are pleased to introduce a new range of home fragrances from Kew Gardens. Everything from the Kew Garden Fragrance Collection is manufactured in the UK and every effort is made to ensure all the packaging and components are as environmentally sound as possible. Amara has a selection of their home fragrances in various scents under the heading of three different varieties; Botanical Fruits, Botanical Herbs and Botanical Flowers.

Fruit Diffuser – Wild Fig by Kew Gardens

Each of the Royal Kew Garden fragrance diffusers last approximately 10-12 weeks and contain 220ml of diffuser fragrance mixture. The liquid is been poured into a recycled glass bottle which is decorated with Kew’s Royal stamp and then the fragrance diffuser is packaged in a pretty recycled cardboard cylindrical box.

Scented Candle in Tin – Lemongrass by Kew Gardens

We have a selection of their Scented candle tins, which have an approximate burn time of 35 hours and are made from 100% pure soy wax. The wax is hand poured into a pretty tin which features a decorative recycled label.

Scented Candle in Jar – Sweet Pea by Kew Gardens

The Royal Kew Garden collection also features jar scented candles. These elegant candles have an approximate burn time of 60 hours and are also made from 100% pure soy wax. The wax is hand poured into a recycled glass jar which features Kew’s Royal stamp, and then the scented candle is prettily presented in a recycled cardboard cylindrical box.

These elegant and pretty home fragrances make beautiful home accessories and great gift ideas for any occasion. Bring the natural botanical fragrance of the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew into your home with this beautiful range of home fragrances now available at Amara.

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