Beautiful Scented Candles by Voluspa

Voluspa scented candles look as stunning as their fragrances smell and are available in a range of practically stylish options. Fuelled by a love of art, fragrance and elegant illumination, Voluspa began after Troy and Traci Arntsen created their first scented candle in their kitchen in 1999. Combining Traci’s expert nose and knowledge of botanicals with Troy’s engineering technical background, the duo is credited with developing clean burning, and the most potently, fragrant candles in the industry.



A creamy combination of coconut, soy and apricot waxes comprises their proprietary custom candle wax blend and creates the perfect scented candle experience. With a vast selection of sumptuous scents including Creme de Peche and Eden & Pear each fragrance is available as either a printed tin candle, boxed candle, glass jar candle or the magnificent ceramic candle. Finding their niche by creating striking packaging and extraordinary scents, Voluspa scented candles have become a staple in the homes of Hollywood’s elite.

Quality and innovation is Voluspa’s passion, as is evident in each and every one of their home fragrance products.

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