Amara’s 13th Birthday!

To celebrate Amara’s 13th birthday, we have gathered the team’s favourite moments of their time at Amara. From desk decorating to curtain fitting in Portugal we’ve seen it all!




Amelia Waterson – Social Media Assistant


My favourite memory would have to be our recent Christmas party! It was so much fun and I absolutely loved the masquerade ball theme. The below picture is my favourite from the night as I feel it captures the personality of the PR team perfectly, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s amazing!







April Goodchild – Customer Services Manager



My favourite memory has to be our 10th anniversary party here at Concord Farm. It was great to see the office transformed into a party venue and to celebrate in familiar surroundings!  It shows what a huge success Amara has been and was great to be able to celebrate with the Amara family!






Jessie Ford-Robertson – Online Category Executive



This is Maralyn and I dressed up in front of our Lion Witch & the Wardrobe during the 2016 desk decorating competition!








Joy Young – French Website Administrator


Mine would have to be my first experience of a charity event at Amara – Children in Need Day 2016…. I am still so amazed by how everyone pulled together to bring in so many spotty items of food…so. much. food. I think I was on a sugar high for days haha! And that was just an inkling of what was to come!







Karen Waddilove – Head of PR & Media


I don’t think I could give you one but I think one of best parts of being part of Amara is my personal development and learning so much about online retail I now know since starting back in 2010!







Nicola Ahmed – Fulfilment & Logistics Assistant


This was a hard one to think of!! I think my favourite memory was my first ever Christmas Party at Amara in 2016! My first year at Amara and it was a great party with casino tables with dancing all night long to great music!







Phoebe May – Trade Accounts Executive

Wow, there has been so many! 

  • AMARA’S 10th birthday party @ Concord Farm
  • The great summer GCC walk that some of us went on during the 1st year we did the 100 day challenge = very sunburnt but such a great day!!
  • Newmarket 2017 with our newly formed PR team = Sun, Pimms & Gary the mini bus driver having his life made by being able to go watch Olly Murs with us all
  • Netball coaching in the summer 2016 – massive squad & such a laugh!
  • Flight Club social = AMARA competitiveness at its finest!
  • Dressing up as a carrot with other parts of the roast dinner with my team for our theme in the Desk Decoration competition this year!





Rachel Hart – HR Manager


I have lots of very fond memories but I think the ones that stand out are –

  • The Amara Bake Off 2013. Everyone got involved which was great and we had cake every week for the duration of the event!
  • The J’s Hospice Bike Ride (2014?) – I loved this event as it was great to see so many people involved from Amara. Lots of people brought friends/families too so there was a massive group of us!
  • The Christmas Party 2017 – Masquerade Ball. With the Events Committee now in full swing this was one of my favourite parties. The Committee put a lot of effort into all the small details which really paid off at the event. One of my favourite aspects were the surprise fireworks!





Sam Brine – Interior Designer

Some (of the many) highlights of my 12 years at Amara are the following:

  • The various Christmas parties going from ‘table for 6’ at the Waterfront in Chelmsford, Christmas night in at The Hood’s with cook your own dinner (small pans and various ingredients!) which ended up with limbo, Neil Diamond and eating food with ‘The claw’! to a swanky do at the ‘Aquarium’ in London! All equally as fun and hilarious memories.
  • Curtain fitting in Portugal and Spain with Sam Hood which is always great fun and has loads of stories!
  • Kings Cafe lunches, shop fits with scampi & chips and Magners,
  • Our shop friend Andrew, Lucy hiding behind the counter from creepy rep!
  • Trips to Dog & Horse racing venues, Brighton for a weekend away in the very early days, the list goes on and on.





Sophia O’Brien – Digital Projects Coordinator


While thinking about my favourite memory since I started 9 months ago I have realised how lucky I am to work in such a supportive, friendly and fun company. Amara is not just a workplace it is a family. One of my favourite memories has to be the Wear it Beat it day raising money of British Heart Foundation having the watt bikes out in between both units in the rain and shine nothing could stop us as Unit 4 and 5 went against each other to become the ultimate champion! Was a day full of laughter and brought the competitive side out of both units- we also raised a great amount of money towards an amazing charity.

Another one of my favourite memories has to be the Amara Christmas party- Great food, Great music, fireworks, snowball fights and crazy dancing- really was a night to remember. Can’t wait for many more great times at Amara.




Susie Waghorn – Senior Customer Services Advisor


It has to be the first year I had been taken to New Market and watching Mcbusted play on stage! Dancing around with everyone on the grass as the sun went down, that was a pretty good memory for me!







A very happy 13th birthday to Amara… here’s to the next 13!


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