The Great Amara Catch Up With Assistant Buyer Alessandra!

This week we catch up with Assistant Buyer Alessandra D’angelo! When she’s not traipsing around Buying shows, Alessandra can be found squirrelling away in the Buying corner, researching up and coming trends and creating new products for the site. Alessandra tells all about her Amara journey so far…




  • What is your role and how long have you been at Amara?

Assistant Buyer – I’ve been here four years now, starting life as a wee Office Junior (namely making undrinkable cups of tea)


  • What was your first impression of the company when you walked through the door?

Behold! The crème de la crème of all chicken sheds.


  • Favourite part of Amara life?

I’d like to be sentimental and say the people – this bunch are both my best friends and Essex family, after all. But actually the bake sales and pizza lunches just about top them…. (kidding)


  • If you could work in any other team for a day, which would it be and why?

Studio – I’d love to have a crack at styling some of the lifestyle shots


  • What is your most memorable Amara moment?

Impossible to pick one – but it’s going to have to be ‘ye old car sponge story. If you know, you know!


  • Do you have any hidden talents?

Absolutely not, I am utterly talentless. I do, however, know a particularly generous amount of niche and irrelevant facts.


  • If money was not a concern what would you do every day if you didn’t work?

Raise babies, learn to sail and partake in a HIDEOUS amount of brunching!



We LOVED catching up with Alessandra and finding out her Amara past and present! We’ve also asked a few longer serving members of the team and they can vouch for her poor tea making skills! Luckily Alessandra has many more talents!!


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