Amara boys complete the Orchid Cycle charity bike ride

We are all very proud of the Amara boys this week as they completed a charity bike ride last Sunday, riding forty miles for Orchid Male Cancer research. Mr Andrew Hood, co-founder of Amara has many hobbies including bike riding, so when this charity ride came to his attention he decided to enter all the Amara boys; Tom Freeman, Adam Boston, Alex Holliman and Andrew Curran.

There were four different routes available and they opted for the realistic but still challenging 40 mile route. In the weeks leading up to the big day there were several training sessions, and Andrew Curran and Adam both bought new bikes, whilst Tom was kindly donated one by Mrs Sam Hood- so yes he was riding a girl’s bike!  The big day arrived and the boys met at 9am in Billericay and began their perilous journey around Essex.

The Amara Boys begin their 40 mile charity bike ride

As the rain drizzled down, one mile in disaster struck as Adam’s peddle fell off. Whether or not this was actually a deliberate act by Adam to forfeit the race is yet to be known, but luckily for the team a kind driver by offered his assistance and Adam was raring to go in no time. Tom’s full commitment was also brought into question after it came to everyone’s attention he was heavily hung-over and had only got to bed at 4am that morning.

Well done guys!!!

At the 30 mile mark the rain began to hit hard and a few challenging hills appeared but the boys battled on and at 200 yards from the finishing line they all came together to finish in unison. Andrew Curran did however forget that his shoes were clipped into his peddles and had quite a dramatic fall just before the finishing line, but thankfully he survived and the Amara boys team completed the ride in just 3 and a half hours – well done guys!

Andrew Hood has now declared next year it is to be compulsory for everyone in the office, in a strange coincidence all of us Amara girls are actually extremely busy that weekend…

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  • Well done “Team Amara” you did so well in the adverse conditions. I think I had better check Adams nuts before the next ride out…..we don’t want anything else dropping off!!

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