A Warm Welcome to Jenny!

Today we catch up with a new member of the Amara team, our very first Customer Retention Executive, Jenny! Jenny tells us all about what she was up to before joining Amara, what she enjoys most about her role and how she loves to spend her weekends…

  • What were you doing before you joined Amara?

I was working as Corporate Membership Executive at BIFM (The British Institute of Facilities Management).


  • What is your role at Amara and what part of it do you enjoy the most?

Customer Retention Executive – Looking at ways to improve retention through various projects. I enjoy implementing and trialling new initiatives, getting positive results is the most enjoyable to see.


  • Tell us something about you that might surprise us.

I have a 19 year old son Derek, who I moved to Spain with back in 2006 he was 6 at the time. There I met my husband Danny and then we moved to London and had another son Lennon who is now 6. The rest they say is history! <3


  • What does your perfect weekend look like?

A good gym session in the AM, good healthy home cooked food, family time and some socialising with friends (including wine).


  • If you had to, what department would you swap with for one day? 

I think everyone probably says the same but buying would be the dream!


  • Name a new thing that you would love to try.

Latin Dancing


  • What couldn’t you live without and why?

My family and friends, and my phone so I can always reach home to my loved ones in Dublin


  • We all know that everyone at Amara loves their food! If you had to eat one meal/food, every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Oh, that’s a hard one, totally stereotypical but potatoes they are so versatile and yummy and eggs – I love eggs.


Welcome to Amara Jenny!

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