A Day In The Life Of Buying!

Today we catch up with the lovable Buying team and what goes on in a day of the life of buying!



  • Describe your team in a nutshell.

I think we’d be quite resourceful. Hack off the sides of the shell for any remaining nut residue, survive that way for at least a few good weeks? Haha good times. Okay, back to business. For the sake of the nutshell, our team collectively draw up the trends, find the brands, meet the suppliers, select the range, visit the showrooms and create the products.

  • What does a typical day look like in the Buying team?

It can vary. One day we might be tabbing up catalogues and analysing sales at our desks, the next will be spent in showrooms or comp shopping the streets of London. Twice a year we’re swept into a hurricane of trade shows. During this period a good Buyer will invest in comfortable shoes, a great Buyer will invest in a chiropodist…



  • What is your favourite part being part of team Buying?

Our senior Buyer makes really mean anchovy cheese sticks, I guess? Only joking – I think we’ll all agree that we’re working in our dream job. Bonus feature: one heck of an amazing team to work alongside.



  • What three words describe team Buying the best?

Professional small talkers



  • Favourite part of Amara life?

The good vibes in this office. The food – oh my GOD the food… A continual conveyor belt of treats in the kitchen. Also, seeing Kate mysteriously book a holiday every year around the time of desk decorating is something spectacular.

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