A Day In The Life of the Copy Team!

Today we catch up with the Copy team! When they’re not busy researching brands and products, you’ll find them writing for The LuxPad or creating other written content for Amara! The team consisting of Jane, Ems, Aimee, Megan & Becie give us the low down on what it’s like being part of team Copy.




  • Describe your team in a nutshell.

We are the words of Amara, from product pages to emails we are the brand’s voice. As a team we write all of the words across the Amara site along with newsletters, marketing materials and our online magazine The LuxPad.





  • What does a typical day look like in the Copy team?

Each day is quite different for our team, there could be lots of product copy in the morning then emails to write in the afternoon. Or website pages, followed by LuxPad content, with lots of adhoc requests and meetings in-between. We have usually got our heads down typing away but we frequently come up for air to talk about food, dogs, the latest TV murder programme we are obsessed with and discussions on heady topics like the difference between llamas and alpacas. 



Ems & Aimee at Newmarket



  • What is your favourite part being part of team Copy?

We all enjoy a lot of the same things so we always have something to talk about and are very supportive of each other. From pointing out each other’s typos to helping when we get writers block, we help each other out every day! It’s also great to be able to give the Amara brand a voice!


The Coca Cola Truck

The Grinch Stole Copy’s Christmas!


  • What three words describe team Copy the best?

Loquacious, helpful and hungry. 



Aimee’s impressive Christmas jumper!

Megan’s Christmas poncho


  • Favourite part of Amara life?

The people! And of course the general food obsessiveness of Amara as a whole, there’s always cake in the kitchen or fat Friday lunches! We also love how we can make any situation into a fun event from 90s theme days to Christmas desk decorating!


Ems taking part in a charity cycle

Aimee & Jane enjoying Newmarket races


  • Lastly what product or brand is team Copy loving right now?

We love The Basket Room and are trying to work out how many fun baskets we can fit into our houses without it being weird! A couple of us also love everything Seletti do and some of us not so much…




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