A Change of Scenery for the Amara Warehouse

With Amara’s extremely quick growth over the past few years, it was inevitable that we would soon grow out of our beautifully eccentric former chicken shed turned warehouse which our products have called home for seven years. After much deliberation over where best to move our stock and how to ensure the Amara standards of customer service always remain intact, it was decided that our entire warehouse would be relocated to a local 3PL along with all of our lovely picking, packing and warehouse staff. World-class international logistics company Delamode was naturally the best choice for the job, and with all of the contracts signed they set about building us our very own 20,000sqft, 10m high mezzanine level in their gargantuan warehouse.


The mezzanine level when first contructed

Deciding the where and when was of course only the beginning of our exciting new journey and the time quickly came around to us actually having to get all of our 51,000 products over to the new warehouse along with the entire packing room. The August bank holiday weekend was the perfect time to carry out the mammoth task and on Friday at 12pm our last orders at Concord Farm were shipped off and the aptly nicknamed ‘Delamove’ began. As is the Amara way of life, the whole team quickly got to work carefully placing all of the precious products onto pallets and dismantling shelving as they went, with the first trailer loads taking the items to their new home that evening.


Trailers begin to move the stock



The first pallets arrive at Delamode



Products had a boost up to the platform, unfortunately staff still had to use the stairs.

The rest of the weekend was a blur with 450 pallets and 17 trailer loads taken from Concord Farm and carefully unpacked, scanned and put onto the shelves at the other end. Both the Amara Team and Delamode staff worked tirelessly with the clock quickly ticking away to Tuesday morning, when everything needed to be completed to ship the orders placed over the bank holiday. Although the move ended with many achy feet, backs and arms from moving and scanning over 50,000 items, the team were kept upbeat with copious food deliveries throughout the weekend. Everyone still found some time to take a break to enjoy their new surroundings and we were even treated to a night at the local pub & Indian restaurant before the move officially began!




Some well deserved breaks & celebrations

The Amara employees leaving Concord Farm will now work closely with Delamode staff to make the fulfilment process even smoother than it is now, and whilst we are extremely sad to loose such key members of the team, they will always remain part of the Amara family. It was a very surreal experience for 21 of the original 30 staff members that returned to the offices on Tuesday to see all of the empty space now created. Concord Farm will still be home to the PR & Media, Marketing, Merchandising, Buying, Content, Photography and Customer Service departments and there are many exciting new changes set to happen at the offices to make use of the huge space in the old warehouse. Plans are already in place for a staff canteen, a much larger photographic studio and more toilets! Slightly wild rumours have even started flying about – gym, pool & spa anyone?


A rather lonely looking Concord Farm Warehouse

Whilst it was a tiring, long weekend the move was a complete success, with the shiny new warehouse fully stocked and ready to go at 7am on Tuesday morning & 150 orders shipped out that day! We are all very excited for the changes and challenges ahead at Amara, make sure to keep up with all of our exciting news on the blog.


Some bits are still a working progress – i.e the temporary Goods In desk!



The first shipment out of Delamode on Tuesday morning

A huge well done to all of the Amara & Delamode staff that made it all happen! 

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