Meet 2018’s Events Committee!

With a new year brings a new events committee and today we find out who team Amara chose to be a part of the coveted committee! From arranging charity events and bake sales to Christmas party, the Events Committee carefully plan each event (in sworn secrecy!) and of course throw in a few surprises to delight the team.


Each nominee was asked to tell team Amara why they wanted to be a part of 2018’s Events Committee and were then voted in. After the votes were verified, HR Manager Rachel announced the lucky winners Amy, Ellie, Grace, Hannah W, Ollie, Rachel, Rebecca B & Rob. Fresh from their first committee meeting, we catch up with the newly formed team and find out what they’re looking forward to this year…


Image courtesy of Brook Lark

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The Great Amara Catch Up With Harriet!

This week we catch up with a true Amara veteran, Head of Digital Product Harriet! Having dedicated thirteen years to the cause, Harriet has seen Amara grow from a small but dedicated team and the Amara shop on Baddow Road in Chelmsford to taking over a chicken shed and expanding to over 80 members of staff! We can’t wait to hear some stories!


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