One of the oldest manufacturers in Europe, Moser is renowned for its handcrafted glassware. Passing down secrets of the trade
Hand blown crystal glassware including tumblers, wine glasses and decanters by Moser.
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The story of Moser Glassworks began in 1857 when Ludwig Moser, a talented engraver and businessman, opened an engraving workshop and store in the town of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. The crystal works quickly gained recognition from exceptional personalities around the world thanks to their high quality, unique beauty and stunning variation of shapes and colours.

Over 155 years later, the brand stays true to its design ethos of high artistic value combined with superior workmanship. Producing both classical and modern shapes, the exquisite glassware has adorned the boards of the Queen Elizabeth II and the Spanish and Norwegian Royal Courts to name just a few.

Each and every Moser piece requires hours of intricate handmade work by skilled glass-masters. Secrets of these hand skills are passed down from generations, and to become a Moser glass-master it takes many years of hard work. Along with the talent required, glass-masters must also possess enough physical power to manage holding the very heavy bowls and vases as they are working on them. From working by a furnace with molten glass at temperatures of over 1200° C, gouging out wooden moulds by hand, cutting, painting, gilding or polishing gold, to spending several months of patient work on art engravings, this art craft continues to be Moser’s glass-makers’ mission.

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