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Founded in 2009, Bed of Nails have worked tirelessly to create the most comfortable, practical, and safe acupressure mats and
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Bed of Nails

Believing in the importance of good health and wellbeing, Bed of Nails strive to help people create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle amid the stresses of the modern world through the art of self-healing.

Established in 2009, they founded the global acupressure movement when founder Carina Tannenberg introduced the ancient form of mediation from Sweden to the US and UK. Since then, Bed of Nails have worked hard to create the most comfortable, affordable, sustainable, and practical collection of acupressure products on the market. Armed with thousands of hypoallergenic surgical-grade nails made from recycled plastic, each product is designed to stimulate more points with less weight making the experience less painful and more invigorating.

An ancient form of healing meditation dating back hundreds of years, acupressure helps alleviate a plethora of painful issues in less than twenty minutes per day while triggering the body’s innate way of healing itself. Practised with consistency, acupressure can help improve circulation; increase energy levels; reduce blood pressure, stress, and anxiety; aid weight loss by reducing cortisol levels; relieve headaches, malaise, chronic neck and back pain, tension, and muscle aches; activate the parasympathetic nervous system; improve sleep and relieve insomnia; improve skin complexion; relieve constipation; and alleviate cellulite.

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