Where to Start When Styling a Bedroom

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Your bedroom should be the haven of your home, a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Often when it comes to decorating or restyling a room, our bedrooms can be last on the list as we focus on family areas and those spaces our friends frequent such as the kitchen or living room. But in just a few easy steps you can restyle your bedroom and give it a new lease of life, giving you a more relaxing place to get a better night’s sleep.

How do you style a bedroom?

When it comes to restyling your bedroom first things first, what’s it’s primary focus? To provide a peaceful and tranquil environment for optimum sleeping. You may also need your bedroom to function as a dressing area too, but first and foremost it should be a space that is conducive to a great night’s sleep.

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Most people will benefit from opting for calming colours, such as whites and neutral shades. But if you love bold colour don’t shy away from it in the bedroom, just consider adding it through accessories such as cushions, throws and curtains rather than having bright wall colours. Pick a colour palette that works for you, and try and stick to around 2-3 colours throughout the room. You can transform a bedroom easily by simply investing in new bed linen, make sure it fits within your colour palette and keep it plain or go for pattern if you want a bolder look.

Lighting is key in any space, and can often be overlooked in the bedroom. Your ceiling light shouldn’t be too bright, and it’s always ideal to have a reading light next to the bed to create a cosy setting before you fall asleep. Think about blocking out window light too, and choose blinds or curtains that will fit with your overall theme.

Create layers by adding pillows, cushions and bedspreads, to adding pattern and texture across the room. This can be in the form of art pieces on the walls to a statement light, however you add layers just remember it’s key to building out the style of your bedroom and finishing the look.

How do you decorate a small bedroom?

If the bedroom you want to decorate is on the small side don’t worry it’s still an easy space to transform. For cosier rooms light is even more important, and maximizing it will help make the space feel bigger, mirrors are a great option as is adding more lighting such as a floor lamp in the corner.


Smaller rooms are ideally decorated in mainly neutral colours, and can be livened up with pops of colour across the bed linen and accessories. Try and add some plants to your bedroom too, this is a great way to add colour and decoration to a small space whilst also creating a better atmosphere for sleep.

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How can I decorate my room?

If you are looking to completely decorate a room then paint is one of the easiest options. Remember to think about your colour palette in advance, and the size of your room before you pick a dark or bold shade, neutrals are always a failsafe option. Wallpaper will bring pattern to your bedroom but can be overpowering, so consider wallpapering one wall as a statement feature. Don’t forget the ceiling, this will need a paint coat too, and can be another colour to the walls to create a contemporary look.

Think about the furniture; is storage a key factor? If yes then go for a bed with storage underneath. A trunk is a great idea for the end of the bed to store extra linen, cushions and throws when not in use. If you have room to add a chair look at something comfortable that you can use to read in or to simply lay out your clothes for the next day on.

Wall art can help create the right atmosphere in your bedroom and add a great personal touch to the space. In a smaller space look to add wall art higher up a wall to help the eyeline travel and create a sense of higher ceilings. Adding a rug will bring warmth and texture to the space and is especially important if you have cold wood flooring, again ensure it fits within your colour palette and has the ideal underfoot texture. A great finishing touch is a scented candle or fragrance diffuser with a relaxing aroma, look for scents with lavender, jasmine or rosemary which are all said to promote a calming effect.

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