Everything You Need to Know About the Velvet Trend

Pink velevet chair in pink room
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It’s taken our wardrobes and homes by storm and it looks like the velvet trend isn’t going anywhere. The true beauty of velvet lies in its trend transcending qualities – it looks equally at home in an industrial loft conversion as it does in a cosy cottage. Sumptuous, swish and super soft, it’s been creeping up everyone’s wish-list for a while now and we’re keen to share everything you need to know about velvet and how you can style it in your home.

velvet cushions

What is Velvet?

‘Velvet’ actually refers to the weave and structure and not the actual contents. Although traditionally made from silk, times have moved on and velvet can now be made from just about any fibre. With synthetic versions making the sumptuous surface much more accessible.

Conventionally the choice of material for nobility due to its softness and high cost of production, velvet can come off as a little intimidating. But times have changed, it’s no longer the stuffy look once reserved for royal regalia. Velvet feels and looks more luxurious than other fabrics, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less adaptable in the modern home. And because it’s widely used across pieces, you can go all out or keep it simple.

Velvet cushions and throws

How to Care for Velvet

It’s a fact that velvet can change appearance and become crushed over time, but don’t let this put you off. With a little maintenance your velvet accessories will age gracefully.

  • Heavily used furniture, such as chairs, sofas or poufs can benefit greatly from a vacuum at least once a week. Ensure you use an upholstery attachment and be gentle. You could also use a soft bristled or clothes brush, but again gently does it. And ensure you brush in the direction of the nap of the fabric.
  • Although easily marked, it’s easy to ensure you keep your velvet in top condition. To avoid any unsightly dents or marks, try not to leave anything heavy on velvet for long periods of time.
  • Before you attempt to clean any spillages it’s important to know what your velvet is made from. For silk velvets professional cleaning is advised.
  • Avoid rubbing stains, instead blot lightly with a dry cloth as too much pressure can cause damage to the weave.
green velevet sofa

It's Surprisingly Versatile

Undeservedly seen as a tricky look to nail, the velvet trend can easily make its way into any home. One of the simplest ways is with a few accents, this is great if you’re not ready to completely overhaul your home by splashing out on a velvet sofa or accent chair. Try scattering some velvet cushions or a luxe throw, these easy to find pieces will add instant lustre to your sofa or bed. And give your interior an easy and affordable update.

If you’ve already created your own velvet goldmine, think about bringing in some contrasting materials in. Juxtapose brushed brass and metallic finishes to give off a contemporary cool vibe.

Patterned velvet cushions
Liberty London

Think the Velvet Trend Is Not for You? Think Again

There’s room for plush velvet in your life. Which is good news for both minimalists and maximalists. Adding a few luscious accents into your minimalist masterpiece won’t clutter your space. Gone are the days of crushed velvets finished with shiny trims – less is definitely more. So devote yourself to the crush with indulgent accents.

If you’re passionate about the plush, then spoil yourself. If you want crushed velvet curtains, jewel toned cushions and sumptuous seating then do it. If more is more to you, then you can do no wrong.

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Big Impact, Little Effort

Aside from being a treat for the senses, velvet is perfect for making an impact in any setting. And it’s hard to not see (or feel) why the velvet trend is so popular. Dramatic by nature, you’ll be surprised by how easily velvet will make an impression on your home. Whether you’re into the smaller details or bigger picture, the velvet trend is an easy way to give your home so va-va-voom. So what are you waiting for? Take the plush plunge.

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