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Style Sisters
Style Sisters - FayAndrea

Who are the Style Sisters?

Gemma and Charlotte are a styling duo who specialize in the detox, organizing and re-styling of homes and wardrobes. With many a celebrity fan (just take a peek at their Instagram account instagram.com/stylesisters @stylesisters ) it’s clear to see this best friend duo have a penchant for working their magic in the most stylish of homes.

Their passion for styling combined with years of experience in the fashion and interior industry means they know how to transform tired wardrobes and cluttered homes into tidy, stylish and organized spaces to enjoy.

They share their top home detox tips and organizing advice with us below to help get your home looking its best for the year ahead…

How did the concept of Style Sisters begin and have you both always been very organized?

We launched our business in April 2018. We were both contemplating our next steps in our career and with Gemma a fashion stylist and Charlotte with her background in interiors it felt like a very natural fit. We started working with celebrity clients and that’s what helped Style Sisters take off. Collectively we have over 15 years of experience and it’s a dream come true to be able to work alongside each other. We really believe that a stylish and decluttered home makes for a happier way of life, and now more than ever.

What does your own at-home organizing schedule look like? Do you always have a declutter at the beginning of a new year, or do you keep on top of your wardrobes and home clutter more regularly?

We like to keep on top of it. Once you’ve set a structure it’s really easy to maintain. It becomes a system and is more of seasonal change.

Monochrome styled coffee table

What are your top three wardrobe organizing tips?

  • Slimline hangers – Fitting more and looking sleek and stylish
  • Drawer dividers – Sections so that everything has a home
  • Wardrobe scent – Nothing better than opening up your wardrobe to your favourite scents

What are your best organizing tips for small spaces?

  • Be savvy and realistic about what you’re actually going to use
  • Seasonal changes to boost your mood
  • Storage boxes, storage ottomans, categorize and contain; it will always look neat and you will get more in
  • Above and below uses for spaces (under beds, above wardrobes etc.)
  • Door storage (hooks etc.)

What are your top tips for staying organized at home once you’ve decluttered?

  • Label, so that everyone knows where everything goes
  • Give everything a home so there's no confusion around the house
  • Invest in good designer storage for all areas of the home
  • For children’s rooms we love ottoman beds and storage units, it’s easy to pull the toys out but everything can go back just as easily

Who is your dream celebrity client, and who has been your most successful project to date and why?

Victoria Beckham.

The most successful project was Rochelle and Marvin Humes’ playroom. We got to tap into our childhood imagination and be really creative. It’s amazing to see the kids still loving it now.

You also have an interior design side of your business, what are your favourite homestyle hacks for the year ahead?

  • Upcycle – spray paint to modernize with new colour schemes. It’s a great way to change a room
  • Add a pop of colour, whether that be with accessories or painting a wall

What’s your no.1 piece of advice on keeping a tidy and organized home?

Categorize and contain. When everything has a home it is so much easier to keep it in order. It does wonders for your mental wellbeing.

For more invaluable home detox tips discover Gemma and Charlotte’s book, Style Sisters: Helping you live an Organized and Stylish Life, available now on preorder at Waterstones and Amazon with a release date set for 27th May.

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