5 Summer Sleeping Hacks

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If there’s one thing we wish we could change about the summer months, it's the uncomfortable nights. If you find yourself tossing & turning because of the heat, we’ve come up with 5 quick and easy ways to make the summer nights more bearable...


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If you’ve heard of organisational queen Marie Kondo, it’s likely you’ll already know about the joy a tidy and organised home can bring. But this is especially true in the summer months. Clearing out the clutter in your bedroom is not only thought to promote a calm mind (and a better sleep) it’ll also encourage the air to flow making the room feel cooler. So say it with us, does it spark joy?

Organize Your Space

Cotton On

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Sure, silk & satin sheets are lovely to look at, but they’ll only result in a restless night. Silk repels water rather than absorbing it, so things can get unpleasant and sticky if you choose this material for your summer bed linen. To keep your cool opt for 100% cotton sheets. Cotton absorbs moisture and is a naturally breathable and extremely durable fabric, so it’ll withstand all those extra washes in the summer months.

Shop Cotton Bed Linen

Keep Hydrated

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A simple yet effective way to encourage a better night’s sleep? Keep well hydrated. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will stop your body temperature from rising too much, and a glass of ice cold water beside the bed means you’ll have something to cool you down should you toss and turn in the middle of the night.

A Cold Compress

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In the same way hot water bottles keep us cosy in the winter, a cold compress can keep us cool in the summer. Place a cool compress on your head before bed, or dip your feet in cold water before climbing into the sheets. Thanks to pulse points the head and feet are considered some of the body’s best cooling spots. Alternatively, fill your trusty hot water bottle with cold water and place in the freezer until frozen. Take it with you when it’s time for bed and it’ll keep you cool throughout the night. Sweet dreams.

Pillow Talk

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Soft, bouncy pillows surround the head and trap heat, so in the summer months consider swapping yours for something a little firmer. A memory foam pillow or one that’s a little harder than your usual will keep your head elevated that little bit more, allowing cool air to surround you as you sleep.

Top Picks to Help You Sleep this Summer

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The Climasoft Outlast® Range by Brinkhaus

The Climasoft Outlast® range proactively manages heat and moisture to give a better, more comfortable night’s sleep. Developed for NASA, the pillow, duvet and mattress topper each utilises phase change materials that absorb, store and release heat for optimum comfort. This means if you’re too hot it’ll absorb the warmth, and if you get a little chilly it’ll release it again. Clever.

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Folded bed linen
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Image courtesy of Yves Delorme

Athena White Bed Linen by Yves Delorme

The Athena bed linen range from Yves Delorme is the perfect set for the summer months. Made from crisp cotton percale, this material is cool to the touch and extremely lightweight, so it’ll stop you from overheating during the night. Percale is made using a one yarn over and one yarn under weave, this results in a matt finish that’s naturally breathable and impossibly soft to the touch.

Sleek, chic and extremely durable. The Athena range will only get better with every wash, and the crisp white colour is designed to reflect the light instead of absorb it, so you can enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep. Sweet dreams.

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