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23 May 2019

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Did you know that 54% of the world's population lives in urban areas? And it's only only expected to rise to 66% by 2050. So with many homeowners living in cities, sometimes without outdoor space, it's never been more important to get some greenery in your life. And introducing plants to your pad is the easiest way to reconnect with nature. And who isn't fanatical about botanicals? With the endless benefits of keeping fresh plants indoors, from reducing carbon dioxide levels and improving moods to making a bold statement, we show you how to create your own urban jungle with Serax’s range of pots and planters


indoor plant pots

Founded in 1987 after brothers Axel and Serve Van den Bossche decided to take over their mother’s business, Serax aims to make homes more beautiful and give personality to any interior. What started with a series of flower pots soon grew into an extensive range of decorative accessories that continue to pay homage to their roots in the floral industry.

Inject Colour

colourful plant pots

Have fun with injecting colour with your planters, the shades of green from your chosen houseplant can balance well with a range of earthy tones and will add character to your tropical display. There's so much fun to be had away from terracotta and grey. Have fun!

Create A Display


Create a dazzling display by grouping plant pots together, and don’t worry about matching them. Chances are your collection of plants is a unique mix, so find them something equally as unique to live in. Get creative with shapes, colours and textures and play with the arrangement. You'll have created your own indoor jungle before you know it.

Elevate Your Style


With everyone still fanatical about botanicals, hanging planters are a wonderful way to start your plant collection and are ideal for small living spaces with minimum floor space. Trailing plants such as ferns, string of pearls and spider plants look great dangling from your chosen hanging pot. If your style is more minimalist, small cacti and succulents also make stunning inhabitants for any style of hanging pot and create a terrarium feel. Perfect from hanging from just about anywhere, from the ceiling or a shelf to coat hooks or wooden beams, a hanging pot can be integrated to any space.

Keep Your Plants Healthy

healthy indoor plants

Each type of plant has individual needs, so ensure you do your homework on what your plant needs to thrive, whether it’s indirect sunlight or weekly watering. To keep your houseplants in tip top shape, be on the lookout for pots that keep your plants healthy as well as complementing your interior. Different materials help plants in different ways, here's a quick low-down on how they can differ:

  • Ceramic is perfect for moisture loving houseplants because it retains so much moisture. However, if you're prone to over-watering you might want to steer clear.
  • Terracotta is the picture perfect plant pot material. As it's usually unglazed it's porous so it allows air and moisture to travel through it so it's perfect for cacti and succulents. And those of us who tend to over-water.
  • Concrete is tough stuff and will protect your roots against harsh climates. Due to the sheer weight of the material, think long and hard before you place it.
  • Metal looks great and will naturally age over time. It does heat up quickly, so you might find your soil dries out quicker than other pots.
  • Plastic is a great all-rounder and as moisture can't escape it'll ensure your plants are well watered for longer than terracotta.

Fake It Until You Make It

artificial plants
A by Amara

If you haven’t been blessed with green fingers and have found yourself killing off your fair share of Boston ferns or Monstera plants, utilizing artificial plants in your urban jungle may be your answer. With faux plants becoming ever more in vogue, manufacturers of artificial botanicals and have upped their game and wonderfully realistic options are now available.

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