6 Patio Dining Ideas for Al Fresco Feasting

5 Aug 2022

Your garden deserves just as much attention as any other room in the house and the patio is the main spot we spend our summers in. From summer cocktail parties to intimate al fresco dinners, ensure your garden is party ready with our patio dining ideas...

Refresh Your Tableware

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One of the easiest ways to update your outdoor dining space is to refresh your tableware. Al fresco dining settings lend themselves to a more relaxed way of life with rustic tableware designs particularly effective for creating an inviting look. Experimenting with textures and pattern along with colour will create a relaxed yet effortlessly chic look that works for evening soirées or afternoon barbecues.

Get Your Garden Glowing

outdoor lighting
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All the best garden soirées carry on long after the sun goes down, so you’ll need to invest in outdoor lighting to make the most of your space in the summer months. From festoon string lights to floor lamps and wall lights, give your garden the glow-up it deserves this summer.

Invest in Garden Furniture

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One of the biggest investments for your garden is furniture. The foundation of any outdoor space, garden furniture needs to be practical and long-lasting, and both your everyday dining and entertaining needs should be considered when shopping for these pieces.

For those that love to entertain al fresco, a large table with benches or sofas is a must-have to squeeze in as many people as possible. Or for those with a balcony or terrace, two-person bistro sets are ideal as they allow you to enjoy outdoor dining without taking up too much precious outdoor space.

Add Garden Accessories


Accessories can make or break any room in the home, and it is exactly the same in the garden. Ensure your unique style is shown off by finishing the patio with a selection of accessories.

Outdoor cushions look stylish placed on benches or chairs around the table, whilst throws serve the dual purpose of adding texture to the look along with extra warmth. Weatherproof placemats and coasters are also essential for any outdoor dining setting as they will not only protect tables from heat and spillages but will also add an additional pop of pattern or colour.

Turn up the Heat

outdoor firepit

Even in the height of summer once the sun goes down our gardens can get a little chilly. Fire pits are becoming increasingly more popular each year as not only do they keep you toasty long into the night but they extend your garden usage well into spring and autumn too.

Surround the Space with Greenery

outdoor plant pots

This may sound strange as chances are your patio is already set among the greenery of your garden, but how much foliage is there actually around your seating area? Pots and planters are a fabulous way to bring more greenery to patios and help to create fluidity between the wood or stonework and the grass in a garden. They also allow you to surround your outdoor dining space with your favourite plants and will help create a more intimate, secluded section of the garden.

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