Why You Should Try Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

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Yes, there’s something mildly terrifying about exposing your cupboard clutter to the world, however when done right, open shelving in the kitchen can look incredibly chic. Thanks to the continuing trend of eliminating unnecessary trappings, a lean towards simplicity and the need for an impressive Zoom background, the shelfie game is staying strong.

Beloved by Instagrammers and interiors addicts alike, open kitchen shelving is serene, modern and a delightful way to show off your tableware. Join us as we explore how purging your cupboard doors might be the best thing you ever do in the kitchen…

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Go Half

If exposing all your cupboards feels a little, well, exposed – try opening up one section. This way you can display your very best pieces: statement serveware, colourful glasses or even vases and decorative objet. It’s also a practical way to keep your spices and other essentials within easy reach if you’re a budding chef. You could also make like a pro and experiment with bars and hooks to show-off your cookware such as high-shine or copper pots and pans.

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Just the Essentials

Pare back your plates and bowls and only have your very best on display. Keeping your everyday styles within easy reach and on display is handy for busy kitchens and family life, stack plates and bowls among glassware and utensils for a practical yet chic look. Or maybe you have that ‘nice’ tableware collection that only makes an appearance when you’re hosting; if so, dust off your fine china and display lovingly across your shelves and give them the airtime they deserve.

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Get Organizing

You’ll quickly find that having open shelves is incredibly handy. Everything is easily found and easily finds itself back to its spot, which is handy when family or guests are helping with the cleaning up. Think chic storage jars for your pasta, rice, flour and spices – don’t be afraid to mix and match jars and tins for an eclectic look.

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Put the Fun into Functional

Decorate Your Shelves

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Show Off

The point in open shelving is to show off, so don’t be afraid to go wild with curating your display. Maybe you’ve amassed quite the collection of vintage pots and pans or you have an assortment of mismatched MacKenzie-Childs pieces; no matter what you’ve got hidden away in your cupboards, it’s time to open up and display them proudly.

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