Interior Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

20 Feb 2020

Working out the logistics of a small room isn’t an easy task, especially when it’s a room that is used regularly on a daily basis. If your bathroom is lacking in space it doesn’t mean it can’t become the relaxing retreat you’ve always dreamed of; there are a number of ways to make it seem larger without increasing the square footage. From utilizing clever storage solutions to tricking the eye with tiles and colour schemes, we take a look at some easy ways you can turn your small bathroom into a bright, airy and relaxing space…

Utilize the Space Under the Sink

small bathroom ideas

You don’t need to take up valuable room with bulky cabinets in your bathroom. By investing in a countertop or freestanding sink you can introduce storage room in a space that would otherwise be lost.

Use Woven Baskets for Storage

bathroom storage

A practical storage solution, woven baskets can be placed anywhere you have free space to store extra toiletries and towelling. Ideal for placing underneath a countertop sink, woven baskets add a stylish edge to open plan storage.

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The Importance of Mirrors

bathroom mirror

A large mirror creates the illusion of space and can instantly transform even the smallest of bathrooms. Place more than one mirror in the bathroom to bounce light across the room or position a single, large mirror opposite a window to reflect the natural light and make the space seem brighter.

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Complement a Patterned Floor with Simple Walls

bathroom tiles

A small bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with pattern. Bold floor tiles make an instant style statement and can be introduced into the smallest of bathrooms as long as the rest of the scheme is kept simple. A graphic patterned floor paired with white wall tiles creates a sleek, contemporary look and the height of the eye naturally rests on the bright walls giving the sense of space.

Trick the Eye with Tiles

bathroom tiles

Open up your space by using the same tiles on the walls and around the edge of the bath, this makes it hard to distinguish when one begins and the other one ends. Another tile trick is to blend the floor tiles with those on the wall; pick tiles in the same colours across the floor and the walls to create a fluid look with no breaks in colour or design.

Introduce Freestanding Accessories

white bathroom

Freestanding accessories such as towel racks are ideal for small bathrooms; they free up valuable wall space and if you choose slim line designs they can be placed wherever you have free space. If you’re investing in freestanding accessories be sure to consider the traffic flow of your bathroom, stepping over a towel rack everyday will not help to create the relaxing environment you want to achieve.

Declutter Your Space

Zone Denmark
Zone Denmark

The more empty space you can see the bigger the bathroom will look. To achieve a pared-back look you need to declutter, think old toiletries and unnecessary decorative items. If you haven’t used something in three months, it shouldn’t have a space in your bathroom. And when it comes to accessories, choose those with a clean, minimalist look to stop your surfaces from looking overcrowded. The Ume collection from Zone Denmark is effortless in design, with a sleek, Scandi look that’s perfect for your petite ensuite.

Create an All White Scheme

white bathroom

All white walls, floor tiles and accessories create a relaxing environment. The lack of colour means the eye isn’t drawn immediately drawn to a particular point in the room, making the bathroom feel more spacious and promoting a sense of calm.

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