Seaside Style: The Coastal Decor Trend

2 Aug 2022

coastal interior
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The seaside has always provided a wealth of inspiration for artists, from writers to designers and everyone in-between. Even for those who just enjoy a bit of coastal living, a trip to the seaside can refresh the mind and senses.

The beach's influence on interiors is always present with different takes on the coastal trend appearing each season. Recently, we have seen an influx of relaxed style notes with a decidedly coastal influence, perfect for refreshing our homes. Here are some tips on creating perfect seaside interiors for chic coastal living.

coastal interior
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What is Coastal Decor?

Coastal Living is all about injecting a hint of that carefree holiday atmosphere into your living space with the inspirational style that can be found by the sea. From quirky nautical accessories to bright and breezy open-plan interiors, coastal decor is a fantastic way to create a relaxed and roomy feeling to your living space.

To create the perfect starting point to your beach house interior, choose natural hues taken from classic seaside scenes, from calming blues to crisp whites, warm sand beiges to bright stick-of-rock reds. White walls are a great base shade to build upon for beach house decor, providing the underlying calm and relaxing atmosphere. If you prefer brighter colours, wallpaper can also be a great way to bring relaxed coastal vibes to your living area. With so many designs available, there are plenty of coastal-inspired styles to choose from.

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coastal interior
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Build Your Beach-Themed Decor

The key to success with the Coastal Living trend is in the details; this interior style comes alive when attention is paid to the smaller details of a room’s decor scheme. Look for classic motifs, such as anchors and shells, on soft furnishings from cushions to throws. These will add instant character to any living space and quickly spruce up tired furniture.

When it comes to choosing the furniture itself, create a contrast with your comfortable sofas and chairs by introducing a driftwood coffee table or wicker chairs. This will immediately bring parts of the beach into your interior and create a relaxed, seaside style.

Invest in coastal styled home accessories to bring finishing touches to the room. From scented candles to trinket trays, there are a plethora of objects that can be used to help bring a coastal vibe into your space.

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coastal interior

Choose Subtle Seaside Style

This look doesn’t have to be all about the statement motifs or obvious seaside style; there are plenty of ways to bring a subtle coastal feel to your home. Using natural materials such as wood around your living space on a backdrop of whites and blues can bring the same coastal feel to any space.

Look to add subtler details such as wall art or photos with a beach background, and bring a few decorative objects into the mix such as a handful of shells found on the beach. Even choosing accessories that reflect the colours of the seaside, such as beiges, blues and sandy browns will help you to bring the beach indoors.

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coastal interior

Introducing Nautical Accessories

Bathrooms will always benefit from a touch of coastal charm, and this can be easily added by incorporating a few key pieces. Look for towels that have seaside colour palettes or designs, and look to invest in beach influenced bathroom accessories. Porthole style mirrors or a rope detailed bin can be all it takes to add that relaxed yet on-trend feel to your bathroom space.

Nautical prints and patterns aren’t the only way to create the coastal look in your bedroom. Seaside stripes and the right colour palette can be enough to bring the cool and calming influence of this trend into your living space. Look for light coloured bed linen with a simple stripe pattern. If you want more of a coastal feel, build upon the base with throws, cushions and more decorative pieces with a stronger coastal influence.

coastal interior

Create a Coastal Atmosphere

As well as reflecting the beach in your interior style, you can add extra elements to create the sense of the seaside in your home. Keep your curtains light and airy and your doors open to make your spaces feel light and bright during the day. For the evening, choose lamps and warm, yellow lights that add a touch of warmth and lamp-like cosiness.

Home fragrances with lotus, musk and beach grass notes will also help to create the perfect atmosphere for this trend. Don’t forget to add a coastal touch to your outdoor space too. From deck chairs to tea light holders, every space from the balcony to the garden will benefit from a touch of coastal chic.

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