How To Bring Yellow Into Your Home

grey room with yellow chair and cushions

Yellow is the colour most associated with happiness, and it’s perfect for bringing the illusion of sunshine into even the darkest of spaces. This bold shade sets the tone for bright, sunnier days, making it the ideal colour to embrace in your home in the summer months. But where to start? Although intimidating at first, when paired with the right colours yellow, (whether mustard, muted or canary coloured) can bring a playful pop to every space from the kitchen, bedroom and beyond. Let us show you how to bring yellow into your home…

In the Living Room

yellow clock against grey wall
Image courtesy of Orla Kiely

Whether it’s used for entertaining or nights in with the family, the living room is a space where you naturally spend a lot of your time. So instead of overpowering it with splashes of sunny shades introduce mellow yellows in subtle ways. When it comes to the perfect colour pairing in this space, look to hues that will tone down the vibrancy of yellow. Our favourite? Blue grey. Not quite blue and not quite grey, the cooling tones of blue grey offset the warmth and vibrancy of yellow perfectly, allowing it to truly stand out and making a little go a long way. Plus, blue is considered one of the calmest of colours so it’s ideal for switching off and relaxing after a long day.

If you’re looking to play it safe, an accessory or two in the sunshine shade can really shake up your living space without the commitment. But if you’re feeling brave, why not invest in a piece of statement furniture? A vibrant yellow sofa against a blue grey wall, or even a striking colour pop cabinet to bring your home straight into the new season.

In the Kitchen

grey kitchen with yellow plate
Image courtesy of Brabantia

We all know opposites attract, and this is a key rule to remember when colour pairing. Yellow is bold and bright so to really make it stand out you’ll need to go as dark as you dare. Our favourite shade to pair with yellow is charcoal grey, and the closer to black it is the better. Perfect for kitchens both large and small, dark grey & yellow is both retro fabulous whilst giving a modern edge to the heart of your home.

Start the scheme with a dark blank canvas, think charcoal grey walls or slate cabinets, and introduce small appliances & yellow decorative accessories to break up the black. Looking for something a little more permanent? Take inspiration from one of the most popular Pinterest trends of the last year, the Moroccan tile. Available in a plethora of styles and colour combinations, Moroccan tiles are fabulous for bringing bold hues and pretty patterns into your home. But if you’re investing in yellow tiles be sure to keep the rest of the kitchen minimal. Think glam, not garish.

In the Bedroom

yellow bed next to blue wall
Image courtesy of Donna Wilson

Vibrant yellow isn’t an obvious choice for the master bedroom, but in a child’s room or play area? It’s fun & fabulous. Yellow & blue is a colour combination that never goes out of style. It’s beachy and coastal-cute, but it doesn’t mean you’re restricted to nautical motifs to make it work. Keep the look fresh with a yellow base and introduce accents of blue, teal and plenty of patterns. The contrast in colours will give even the most determined of daydreamers the boost they need to complete their homework, and the soothing properties of blue will encourage sleep when they need it most.

floral quilt cover next to cork wall

Whether it’s the bedroom or the bathroom, add a little sunshine to your space with the yellow trend.