Travel Back To Ancient American With Max Benjamin's New Voyage Collection

Colourful candles in shadows

Lose yourself on a voyage of home fragrance discovery with Max Benjamin’s latest collection. The second of the brand’s travelling inspired collections, this new limited edition range takes you not only across the world but back in time too. Transporting you all the way back to ancient South America, these candles and diffusers are inspired by the Aztec, Inca and Maya civilisations. Join us on an adventure as we take a closer look at the Voyage Ancient Americas collection…

Red, yellow and white candles

With three distinctly unique scents, each candle and diffuser is presented in a handmade porcelain vessel. Finished with hand painted gold embellishments and a design reflecting the civilisation, each piece looks as good as it smells.

The voyage collection follows our journey around the world in search of new and exciting fragrances. The Incas, Mayan and Aztecs worshipped many gods associated with nature and these three fragrances reflect the captivating aromas of the vast regions of South America. The colourful designs of this collection also reflect the artistic prowess of these cultures - Mark Van Den Bergh

Aztec Rain

White candle and diffuser against yellow wall

The Aztecs ruled Mexico for over 100 years and were renowned for their devotion to rain gods to encourage rainfall for their crops to flourish. Evoking that distinctive aroma that fills the air after long awaited rain, this scent will bring a luscious, earthy fragrance to any room. The base is amber, white musk, tonka and sandalwood enveloping a heart of myrtle, lavender and fig. Calamus and thyme tops notes offer a hint of spice to finish the scent.

Inca Sun

Yellow candle and diffuser

A sunny, warming fragrance, the Inca Sun scent is inspired by the Incan culture’s sun ceremonies. In a vivid yellow holder, it pays tribute to the largest pre-Hispanic society of South America which flourished in Peru spreading across to Chile. A warming citrus scent, it has sparkling lemon and bergamot top notes, a heart of bamboo, jasmine and rose, on a base of white musk, cedarwood and sandalwood.

Mayan Temple

Red candle and diffuser

The Mayan civilisation was renowned for its art and architecture and encompassed large areas of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador. The pinnacle of Mayan design was their soaring temple pyramids and ornate palaces and this fragrance captures the decadence of these spectacles. With spicy heart notes of clove spice, nutmeg and magnolia, it has a base of cedarwood, musk and moss topped with eucalyptus and incense.

Max Benjamin is Ireland’s most successful home fragrance brand and is run by siblings Mark, David and Orla Van den Bergh. Named after Orla’s twin boys, the brand makes all of their candles out of their workshop in Enniskerry, County Wicklow. Known around the world for their contemporary designs, quality craftsmanship and natural ingredients, Max Benjamin brings people on a journey of exploration and expression through fragrance.