Best Brews for The Day Ahead with H.R. Higgins

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H.R. Higgins

Third-generation speciality tea & coffee merchants H.R. Higgins have been based in London since 1942. Supplying the finest teas and coffees to discerning connoisseurs all over the globe, this family-owned business is now run by the grandson of founder Harold R. Higgins.

H.R. Higgins director and son of founder Harold Higgins, affectionately known as Mr Tony, shares his recommendations for the perfect brew to go with every meal…

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H.R. Higgins
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H.R. Higgins

Coffee is remarkably adaptable. Many coffees will go quite happily with most foods, and in fact coffee often accompanies and follows a meal, with the host suggesting 'shall we have coffee?'. The thing to consider is what dominating flavours feature in the menu.

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Breakfast Brew

When enjoying a lighter breakfast or croissants or toast and marmalade, opt for the Colombia Supreme Medium roasted. It’s rich and full-bodied with just a subtle acidity.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional to pair with a cooked breakfast, the Tanzania Kibo Chagga is best. Highly flavoursome with a subtle acidity that goes well with stronger flavours.

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H.R. Higgins

Mid-Morning Break

The Higgins Coffee House Blend is a combination of medium and darker roasted coffees from South America, India and Africa. It’s perfect for when you’re catering to a number of different people and tastes. A medium/strong strength blend, it’s nutty character and smooth aftertaste pair beautifully with sweet treats.

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H.R. Higgins

Lunchtime Grind

Pair something a little lighter and fresher with lunch such as the Costa Rica San Jose with its delightfully natural sweetness and fruity finish.

Alternatively, the Guatemala Neuva Granada features an almond and nut flavour with mild acidity.

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H.R. Higgins
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Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

Keep alert during the mid-afternoon slump with a richer, fuller flavoured brew. The Brazil Daterra Bruzzi is rich and smooth with a hint of cherries and goes well with scones and cream.

Another option is the Galapagos San Cristobal, the rich medium to full flavour with a gentle acidity that has a beautifully balanced flavour.

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H.R. Higgins

Post-Dinner Coffee

For meals served with red wine, the 1942 blend makes a great espresso coffee, very rich but smooth with notes of sweet caramel.

Alternatively, the Creole Blend is a powerful yet smooth coffee. A mix of Colombian and Brazilian blends, it has almost no acidity and will compliment most foods, especially rich puddings.

For white wine, the Kenya Estate is flower, fruity and dances on the palette.