Quick and Easy Decluttering Ideas for the Home

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There's no better time to get decluttering, whether it’s the mind or the home. And with so many of us inspired by global decluttering sensations like Marie Kondo (and plenty of time on our hands) there’s never been a better time to get organized and invest in some luxury storage. Taking the time to go through your belongings and deciding what stays, what gets donated and what gets thrown doesn’t have to be a chore either. We’ve made our way through key areas of the home and found some simple quick wins to help you cut the clutter and embrace a fresh start for the New Year…

The Entrance

Although they can be small, narrow and a bit awkward at times, your entrance greets your household members when they arrive home. Make it a warm welcome. If your entryway keeps getting cluttered despite the purest of intentions try some of our easy tips.

  1. Create somewhere keys, wallets or even the post can sit as soon as you come home. This will ensure these important items are easily reached when you’re in a rush.

  2. If space permits, a bench by the front door will subtlety encourage your household to take their shoes off when they arrive home. Which is great news for your floors. Extra points if there’s shoe storage too, there’s nothing worse than tripping over shoes when answering the door.

  3. Take advantage of empty wall space with hooks or a coat stand so you can easily take off outdoor layers.

  4. Don’t give into temptation and leave items on the stairs or in hallways – the rest of the household will walk past them.

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The Living Room

The central hub of the home. The living room has to work for everyone and everything. Whether it’s playing the part of cinema, home office or crèche, the living room can take a beating. It’s a good place to embrace the konmarie method and ask yourself whether something sparks joy. Often, a living room gets cluttered with random objects, from holiday mementos to unwanted gifts, remember if you don’t love it, it’s OK to let it go.

light and airy living room
  1. Keep it clutter free with carefully curated displays. If you no longer love looking at it, it’s OK to lose it.

  2. Invest in new cushions or a throw. This simple injection will give your living room an instant refresh and with any luck you’ll find a coin or two stuffed at the back of the sofa.

  3. Tame the tech. Ensure DVDs, games consoles and any other devices have somewhere to live out of sight.

  4. Keep on top of old editions of magazines or newspapers and keep anything you’re going to read in a chic rack. Keep your coffee table clear for the important things. Coffee.

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The Kitchen

Let’s face it, a clean and clutter-free kitchen is the stuff of dreams. Who doesn’t swoon over glossy photos of shiny surfaces and tidy cupboards? However, the kitchen easily becomes the “dumping ground” of the home without much thought. Surfaces jam-packed with appliances, mugs from birthdays long since forgotten and more utensils than a Michelin star restaurant, the kitchen can be a tough nut to crack.

  1. Keep drawers organized with inserts. Not only will your drawers look fabulous, but you won’t be digging around for five minutes every time you need a palette knife.

  2. Clear out old utensils and lose any doubles (anyone else have three wooden spoons?)

  3. Countertop canisters in playful prints and bright colours not only provide extra storage but they will refresh your kitchen too.

  4. How often have you really used that bread maker? Unless you’re a keen baker rethink if you really do need all these gadgets and gizmos.

  5. The junk drawer is not your friend.

  6. Don't forget the utility room/cupboard. Organize cleaning supplies by room or task and store them in easy grab baskets so you can take them to the job at hand.

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The Bathroom

The bathroom can often feel like an after-thought. It’s usually where you’re most rushed in the morning before you hurry out the door. It doesn’t have to be this way. Giving your bathroom a quick clear out will improve your daily routine to no end. And we’ve got a few handy tips to get you started.

Bathroom cabinet
  1. Unwanted toiletries are exactly that, unwanted. Go through your toiletry cupboard and you’ll probably end up finding a range of pieces often unopened. They’re welcomed as donations at homeless shelters, so you can give that unwanted gift to someone who really needs it.

  2. Treat yourself to some new towels, you’d be surprised what a crisp white towel can do for your space. Your old ones will also be happily received at animal shelters too.

  3. Towel hooks can alleviate your radiators and ensure towels are kept off the floor.

  4. Pick it up and put it away. Even leaving a rogue shampoo bottle out where it doesn’t belong can make a small bathroom look cluttered. Get into the habit of putting things back where they belong. This small step will go a long way.

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The Bedroom

It should be a haven of calm but unfortunately the bedroom can easily become a dumping ground. Not only is a cluttered bedroom bad for your eyes, it can affect your sleep too. Being surrounded by mess is not good for helping you nod off, it’s much easier to fall asleep in a peaceful space. So with this in mind, embrace your inner minimalist and get to work.

Neutral bedroom
  1. Don’t let your bedroom become a dumping ground for laundry, unpacked bags and other items. Invest in attractive storage baskets and take the time to put things away every day. Little and often really does make a difference.

  2. Go through your wardrobe and take the one year rule seriously. If it’s not been touched in a year, you’re probably not going to wear it again. Donate it to a worthy cause and give it a new lease of life.

  3. Treat yourself to new bedding. You’d be surprised what fresh, crisp sheets can do for the soul. It’ll make those dark mornings a bit more bearable.

  4. Use a tray or bowl to keep trinkets organized. There’s nothing worse than rushing around looking for your watch when you’re already ten minutes late, so find yourself something to place on your nightstand and keep these essentials safe.

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