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It’s World Sleep Day on Friday 15th March, so to celebrate we have taken a look at one of the leading bedding brands to help you get the soundest of sleeps this year. Brinkhaus is the bedding company with a difference. Founded in 1847 by Hermann Josef Brinkhaus, the company started life as a cotton sheet weaving business and has grown to be one of the most renowned names in the luxury bedding market.

With a sense of duty to provide products that give the greatest feeling of well-being, each Brinkhaus product meets the most stringent requirements in terms of quality, design and comfort; from the high quality fabrics used to the first-class fillings and finishes. We take a closer look at this historical bedding brand to find out what sets it apart from the rest…

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A good night’s sleep is key to your quality of life and Brinkhaus design each product with this in mind. Brinkhaus know that the concept of a duvet is based on nature itself. Like the fur of animals or the feathers of a bird, a duvet is designed to provide insulation and warmth, to allow your body to relax at night without restriction or the feeling of a heavy weight. A Brinkhaus duvet mimics natural insulation by trapping warm air and absorbing moisture, thus controlling body temperature and providing the ultimate night’s sleep.

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Brinkhaus offer different fillings to suit a variety of homes and sleepers. The ideal filling for a duvet depends on a variety of factors; warmth required, type of sleeper, ambient temperature and climate. Premier mature goose down is the lightest, giving freedom to move and turn without disturbing your beauty sleep. Featuring countless tiny air pockets between its individual hairs, down is widely described as the perfect duvet filling because of its excellent heat insulation and moisture absorbing properties.

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Silk, wool and cotton are also excellent natural fillings, they are heavier than down but in the same way they promote air and moisture movement and respond to body temperature changes. Silk in particular is uniquely body responsive; wool provides warmth with high absorbency to draw off moisture and cotton is ideal for allergy sufferers.

The first consideration for most people when buying a quilt is the type of filling. However, whether you choose down or cotton, silk or wool, the casing itself is vital to ensuring the quilt can perform the best of its abilities. Each Brinkhaus casing is woven so tightly that even the finest feather or down is unable to escape, yet they allow free air circulation so the fabric can breathe.

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Brinkhaus is an expert on the type of fabric needed to create the best bedding. They know that long staple Egyptian cotton is the most effective starting point, thanks in part to its moisture absorbing qualities. As the sleeping body gives off moisture, it is absorbed by the cotton fibres and evaporates without forming a film of moisture on the fabric. As pure as nature intended, long staple Egyptian cotton allows Brinkhaus to weave exceptionally fine fabrics for their duvets and pillows whilst staying committed to their environmentally sound manufacturing practices.

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The quality offered by the Brinkhaus brand is based on carefully chosen materials combined with modern production methods. Every pillow and duvet in the Brinkhaus’ collection is treated with the medicott® process, this is a non-fungicidal, non-microbiological treatment which treats the cotton in an entirely ecological way to make it resistant to fungal attack and ideal for allergy sufferers.

With a wealth of experience behind the brand, Brinkhaus have grown to become the leading supplier of high quality bedding. From the finest down filling to the luxurious Egyptian cotton casings, each Brinkhaus product is designed for a sound sleep.

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