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16 Feb 2022

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The word “throw” hardly does justice to the care and consideration you put into choosing the perfect item. Few people will recognize the painstaking planning that went into your shabbily organized throw, after all. But all your plans will be for naught if you’ve not done the maths. A well-strewn throw needs just the right amount of overhang and the perfect number of creases, and that means you need to know exactly how big it needs to be. Read on for some handy throw sizes in response to our more common questions about throws.

What Size is a Throw Blanket?


If you’re wondering what size is a standard throw, you’re not alone. But as retailers of dozens of luxury throws, we know there’s no such thing as a standard size. As a rough guide, however, they tend to be around the size of a double bed – that’s around 180x130cm.

That’s why you should always take note of the dimensions when shopping for a throw, especially if you’ve got a certain piece of furniture in mind. Also note that some throws come with tassels or other edge detailing, which may or may not be included in the dimensions with some retailers. We always measure to the edge of the main fabric; extra details are not measured unless they’re an integral part of the throw.

What Size Throw is Best for a King-Size Bed?

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King size beds are the second biggest size commonly available in the UK, at 150x200cm (5′x6.6″). You should look for a minimum size of 190x200cm with overhangs, or even 2m square if you want to cover the quilt completely (or if it’s a super king size).

What Size Throw Do I Need for a Double Bed?

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A standard UK double bed is 135x190cm (4.6″x6.3″), so a bed throw with about 20cm on the sides should therefore be at least 175x190cm (5.9″x6.3″). That assumes there’s no overhang at the head and foot, where there might be a headboard and footboard.

What Size Throw for a Single Bed?

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The standard size for a single bed is 90x190cm (3′x6.3″), so look for throws in the region of 130x190cm (4.3″x6.3″). This is a great way to make a guest bed that little more inviting, and you can have different throws for each season or occasion.

What Size Throw for a Sofa?

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For the throw to form the shape of the seat, back and front, you’ll need to measure the height from floor to seat, the depth of the seat and the height of the back, then add them together and add another 50cm to keep it in place.

That’s the width covered. For the length (arm to arm) dimension, you’ve got options. You could simply measure the width of the seat and have the throw lying between the arms. This can work on harder cushions, but if they are more plump, the throw won’t stay in place when you sit on it. If you want to cover the whole piece of furniture, you’re going to need a very large throw, about 4m in width for an average sofa, and perhaps up to 5m for a particularly wide one.

Don’t forget you’ll need a longer width if your sofa has high arms, too. Alternatively, you could forget about the dimensions and just have a throw draping over one arm, ready to be used as a blanket or extra cushioning as needed.

Quick Reference Throw Size Table

Furniture Piece Floor Area (approx.) Minimum Throw Size* (approx.)
Super King Size Bed 180x200cm 220x200cm
King Size Bed 150x200cm 190x200cm
Double Bed 135x190cm 175x190cm
Queen Size Bed 120x190cm 160x190cm
Single Bed 90x190cm 130x190cm
Small Single Bed 75x190cm 115x190cm
Small Sofa (Seating Only) 100x160cm 270x130cm
Small Sofa (Complete) 100x160cm 270x330cm
Medium Sofa (Seating Only) 100x190cm 270x160cm
Medium Sofa (Complete) 100x190cm 270x360cm
Large Sofa (Seating Only) 100x220cm 270x190cm
Large Sofa (Complete) 100x220cm 270x390cm

*Of course, not all throws are meant to cover the furniture they occupy – it’s often desirable to just have them hanging around, in which case there’s no need to worry about the size.

What is a Good Size for a Throw Blanket?

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For an occasional throw that you’ll use to get snug, you should be fine with something around 130x180cm, or a touch bigger. For the ultimate indulgence, a large fleece blanket that is around 220x240cm, and more than big enough for a super king size bed.

Whatever you’re looking for in a throw, you’ve landed in the perfect place for choice and style at AMARA. Grab a coffee and a comfy seat and take a look at our full collection of throws and blankets. From luxury to utility, we’ve got you covered.

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