Discover how we are playing our part to help the planet. From ensuring products have a long life by highlighting reselling initiatives, to increasing our sustainable brand portfolio, we are working to improve areas across our business. We’re also looking to give back by contributing to charities large and small that are important to you. Find out more below on how we are working to be better for our planet.


Ordered a new sofa and don’t want your current one to end up in a landfill? Neither do we. Below are just a few of the great companies that can help your existing furniture and accessories find a new home...

It Starts with You

"The need to take responsibility as a conscious consumer has never been more critical with time running out in a bid to fight climate change. Adopting simple changes within the home all contribute to a circular economy and it is important to ensure each purchase you make is considered. While we may feel our individual efforts may not make much difference, collectively it plays a part in changing the future. Let's join together in taking action and starting with ourselves, one step at a time, towards a positive and more sustainable future." - Roddy Clarke


Looking to give back and make a difference to the wider community? We’ve collated our favourite good causes to donate to, and charities that will help rehome your no-longer wanted pieces. If you have a suggestion of a great cause that could use our help let us know by emailing us.

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