Create a unique dining setting with Jars tableware. From plates and bowls to candles and serveware, you’ll find everything you
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Plume Blue Tableware
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With expert know-how handed down from generation to generation since 1857, Jars have an integrated production process with every stage carried out at their factory from the making of the paste, molds and glazes to the final firing. These internal processes allow the brand to offer the highest quality ceramics which are always matched to their own exceptional standards. With every component carefully selected and completely natural in origins, they are able to produce ceramics compatible with modern living requirements, which even if used daily do not chip and are both microwave and dishwasher safe.

Entirely crafted by hand, the way each piece is made is at the heart of the Jars brand and they are also dedicated to preserving the environment around them through their ecological practices. Keeping waste to an absolute minimum with any surplus slip and paste reused in the next batch, all water is also recycled and not a drop of polluted water ever reaches the surrounding area. The heat of the Jars furnaces is also reused by being funneled into the workshops and driers which aids the production process all the way along.

Jars has a unique firing process quite unlike other tableware brands in that their stoneware needs just one firing in the kiln to be completed, minimizing the cost and energy used. Fired once at 1285°C, the stoneware leaves the kiln in perfect condition with a rich, vibrant color and all Jars items are fabulous for mixing and matching to create your own unique dining look.

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