How to Bring Green Into Your Home

Mar 17, 2021

Teeraphan /

Evoking feelings of growth, nature, renewal and life, green is a positive color that brings life into your home. A versatile shade that can be used in any room, here’s how to introduce green into your interiors and what colors to pair the shade with.

Green & Gold

A glam and luxurious look, you can’t beat this color combo. Whether you add pops of gold with small accessories or you go for a more statement look with furniture, this pairing is a great way to achieve a sumptuous look. With gold being the ultimate symbol of luxury, team it with an emerald green for the ultimate wow-factor.


Green & Pink

Pink and green should never be seen, right? Wrong. Sitting opposite each other on the color wheel, pink and green are complementary colors. The softness of the pink and the soothing of the green creates a chic and sophisticated look. A few subtle touches of pink here and there will give the room an elegant look.

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Green & Yellow

Looking to create a bright and inviting space? This scheme is for you. A match made in heaven, the two colors represent flowers and leaves. From retro mustard to warm honey and zesty citrus, these wonderful tones will create a refreshing look when used in combination with the right green shade.

Orla Kiely

Green & White

A simple and stylish pairing that is easy-on-the-eye. Whether it’s forest, sage or lime green, they work perfectly well with a crisp white shade. Mixing different tones of green with white is a great way to create a modern vintage feel.

William Yeoward