Wedgwood & Vera Wang for Wedgwood Care Guide


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Wedgwood and Vera Wang for Wedgwood dinnerware is crafted from bone china; we therefore suggest that the utmost care is taken when using, storing and cleaning all dinnerware items from these brands. These care instructions have been suggested by Wedgwood and we advise that they are followed to ensure your bone china dinnerware remains at its best.


Bone china is sensitive to sudden changes in heat which can lead to breakage or cracking of the surface, therefore do not expose dinnerware to direct heat from naked flames or immerse suddenly in cold water if the item is hot. Please note that dinnerware collections are not ovenproof, not microwave safe or freezer safe, however items can be warmed to 100°c.


Ensure bone china items are kept separate when not in use to avoid scratches and chips occurring. Do not stack items on top of each other without inserting a napkin or another form of padding between each as buffer to protect the piece below.


Many bone china dinnerware items are dishwasher safe, however we advise to always check the care instructions included on the packaging of each item before cleaning for the first time. Wedgwood suggests that only certain washing detergents are used on their products, please see the ‘Approved Dishwasher Detergents’ list below.

When hand washing bone china, ensure that no abrasive materials are used and certain stains/marks should be removed in the following ways:

  • Tea stains can easily occur on both tea cups and teapots but can be removed with cleaning solutions such as baby utensil sterilising solution. Ensure that items are washed and rinsed thoroughly before use after using this cleaning method.
  • Grey marks can also occur on dinnerware due to the china coming into contact with metal utensils. For these stains use a cleanser that has been formulated to remove metal marks from ceramic products like Barkeepers friend.
  • Each item will come with a barcode, ensure that this is removed before washing any dinnerware in a dishwasher as due to the heat the label will become harder to remove afterwards. If a barcode leaves a residue when removed or is proving stubborn to remove, soak the item in a small amount of hand wash detergent for approximately one hour before attempting to remove again.

Advised Dishwasher Detergents

Please see below for detergents approved by Wedgwood for use with their bone china dinnerware.

CountryTypeDetergent Name*
AustraliaLiquidFinish Liquid
AustraliaPowderFinish Powerball All in 1
AustraliaTabletCussons Morning Fresh Complete Tabs
CanadaLiquidFinish Liquid
FranceLiquidSun Liquid
GermanyLiquidSomat Perfect Gel
GermanyPowderDalli Alles in 1
GermanyTabletWS Tabs
GreeceLiquidSun Liquid
HollandPowderAH Vaatwas Alles in 1
ItalyLiquidFinish Liquido Svelto Liquido
NorwayLiquidSun Liquid
NorwayPowderSun Extra Powder Alt in 1
NorwayTabletUnik Maskin Oppvask Tablet 5 in 1
PortugalLiquidSun Liquid
SpainLiquidFinish Liquido
UKLiquidCO-OP Liquid Gel, Finish Liquid, M&S Liquid, Morrisons Liquid, Sainsburys Liquid, Waitrose Liquid
USALiquidCascade Gel, Finish Gel, Palmolive Liquid
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