Stoned Marble Care Guide

Stoned products have been designed to last a lifetime and we recommend that you take the time to care for your marble pieces.

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Marble is a product of nature and each marble piece is completely unique; true to its character you’ll never find two pieces exactly the same.

  • Embrace the individuality of each piece.

  • Marble is decorated with exquisite natural patterns.

  • In some angles, it is possible to see some very small fissures or pinholes in marble. These voids were created by escaping gases and are natural geological features.
  • Porous by nature, marble is prone to etching and staining and develops a wonderful character with age.

Cleaning marble

Take care when cleaning your marble, Stoned recommend the following to ensure the longevity of your marble piece.

  • Clean any stains as soon as possible.

  • Do not soak.

  • Avoid acidic or abrasive cleaners.

  • Always use a mild dishwashing detergent.

  • Never use bleach or scouring pads.

  • Do not forcefully scrub any area of the marble.

  • Pat dry immediately after washing; marble is porous and any water or liquid that is left for a long period of time can soak in and leave a mark.


Marble is a beautiful and strong material, however it is also fragile. Stoned recommend you treat your marble pieces with care as it is breakable.

Marble in the kitchen and bathroom

All Stoned marble products can be used in the kitchen and bathroom, however we must advise that some items can mark the marble. Please be aware of using the following products on marble:

  • Acidic products such as vinegar and lemons.

  • Food with strong pigments such as beetroot.

  • Anything containing acidic or oily components.