HEFEL Buying Guide

Turn the precious hours of sleep into a uniquely refreshing experience with HEFEL. Our HEFEL buying guide will assist you in

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The perfect night’s sleep is within reach with the Arlberg collection. Indulgently soft, Arlberg has been filled with 90% Hungarian goose down and 10% RDS certified feathers. This certification guarantees that feathers and down are sourced from ducks and geese farmed in species-appropriate and healthy conditions, which includes no force feeding and a ban on live plucking.


An ideal sleep environment for everyone. The Klimacontrol was the world’s first duvet with filling and fabric made from 100% TENCEL®, a purely plant based fibred made from wood. Characterised by optimum temperature-regulating qualities and perfect moisture management, Klimacontrol duvets are exceptionally innovative and ecological.

  • Optimum climate management thanks to the organic TENCEL®, filling
  • Perfect regulation of the sleeping environment
  • Heat-insulating and moisture-regulating
  • Maximum comfort, even in the event of strong perspiration
  • Skin friendly, dermatologically tested
  • Easy care: washable


The wood cellulose-based TENCEL® ensures an ideal sleeping climate and is distinguished by its special temperature and moisture regulating properties that feel pleasantly dry even when exposed to strong perspiration. The exceptional microstructure of TENCEL® disperses more moisture and vapour from the body than any other fibre which actively regulates the sleep environment.


An oasis of well-being for refreshing and revitalising nights. HEFEL Wellness products bestow the gift of recuperation and regeneration in particular on those who place very special demands on their bedding due to allergies or cardiovascular problems.

  • Healthy sleep
  • Actively healthy for a peaceful and revitalising sleep
  • Aloe Vera finish
  • Specially for allergy sufferers
  • High degree of fluffiness
  • Hygienic and easy care: can be washed and tumble-dried


Originally developed for NASA, Outlast® technology regulates temperature and moisture to ensure better, more relaxing sleep. Absorbing body warmth, storing it and then releasing it again, the material is in a permanent comfort cycle in which temperature is actively regulated.

Mattress Protectors

Unfortunately the importance of mattress protectors is all too often underestimated. In fact mattress protectors simultaneously fulfil several functions needed for idea sleeping comfort: they provide warmth, ensure the best hygienic environment for sleep and offer a particularly soft surface to sleep on without lessening the support from the mattress.

  • Easily washed or aired
  • Reduce mattress wear and tear
  • Can be paired with complementing duvets