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Home Fragrance Buying Guide

Scented candles are by the far the most popular home fragrance option and have many benefits including the atmosphere lit candles create.  Being the most popular scented candles are available in many more aroma choices.  Simple to use and easy to care for, it is easy to see why scented candles are so popular. To read more about how to care for your scented candles read our candle care guide.

Fragrance diffusers are another fantastic home fragrance that more and more people are opting for. A fragrance diffuser works in a very simple way; you insert the wooden sticks that are included into the bottle of fragrance.  They gently absorb the fragrance and diffuse the scent around your home. Fragrance diffusers offer continual aroma which is controllable by reversing the wooden sticks, reversing them approximately once a week will ensure a beautifully fragranced home.

Room sprays are a less popular but just as effective home fragrance option. They are easy to use; simply spray up into the air in the centre of the room for best results.  A room spray is a convenient and quick way to add a burst of fragrance to any room.

It depends on your requirements to which home fragrance you need, for a constant fragrance the best option is a fragrance diffuser. For a quick burst of fragrance a room spray is the easiest and most convenient choice. A scented candle is the best all round option, they look pretty wherever you place them and you can easily control the strength of the aroma by  having lit as little or as much as you require.