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Brinkhaus Bedding Care Guide

In this care guide we are going to look at the Brinkhaus duvets that have natural fillings. One of the most important things is to always use a duvet cover to protect the casing from perspiration, soiling and wear.

When making the bed give the down filled duvet a good shake to fluff the filling and create air movement which freshens the filling.  Natural fibre or fleece filled duvets should not be shaken, as this may tear the fleece.
Regularly air the Brinkhaus duvet in the open air to freshen it. Airing enables the filling to fully release absorbed humidity, renew itself and restore its capacity to absorb the moisture we give off in our sleep.  You should never sleep or sit, regularly or for prolonged periods on top of the Brinkhaus duvet – this causes matting of the filling and reduces the effective life of the duvet.

If spoiled lightly then your Brinkhaus duvet can be spot-cleaned using mild washing powder. Never use bleach or any products containing bleach as this will strip natural products of their protective lanolin coating and cause them to go brittle. The area once cleaned should be rinsed well and dried thoroughly, you can use a hairdryer on a warm setting (never hot) can be used to create air movement. I f cleaning of your Brinkhaus duvet is necessary then they recommend professional cleaning. Cleaning is a detrimental process and should be avoided if at all possible- the life of your duvet is shortened every time it is laundered or cleaned.

Daily fluffing and regular airing is all that is necessary under normal circumstances.